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Posted by M. C. on March 23, 2018

Show me your papers!…we already have them.

It’s said the best way to corral a feral hog is by steps…

Here comes the gate.

In Delaware, there is a “pilot program”testing out driver’s licenses that won’t need a bar code or even a traffic stop to ID you and keep track of you, all the time – and in real time.

It’s called the Mobile Driver’s License. It’s a fully electronic license, encoded into your smartphone. Armed government workers – law enforcement – will be able to access it at will. By “pinging” your smartphone. It will make things so much easier, according to Delaware Governor John Carney. “We are excited to help move this new technology forward,” he exclaims.

You bet.


The head of the Delaware DMV says that MDLs will “enhance safety . . . and protect the privacy of our customers.” Italics added. Somewhere, Abe Lincoln is removing his stovepipe hat in silent appreciation. It is hard to imagine conjuring more outright lies in that small handful of words…

Be seeing you

be seeing you

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