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How Teen Suicide “Experts” Miss the Cause of Depression and Only Focus on Symptoms | The Daily Bell

Posted by M. C. on March 26, 2018

Farm kids drive tractors in their mid-teens, snowflakes these days have to be pressured to get a drivers license in their mid twenties. We all know a story.

“more prescription drugs”  ya we need to turn more normal kids into psychotropic drug dependent killers.

Snowflakes need to emulate the Hardy Boys. But the book title would definitely have to changed. Hardy Persons, Hardy Xis…huuummm “Hard”y has an offensive, aggressive connotation.  I see a book burning.

By Joe Jarvis

…Throughout most of human history, this 16-year-old boy would be considered a young adult, largely autonomous from his parents, with the same rights as the rest of adults in a given society. In fact, boys between 14 and 21 have more often, throughout the world and human history, been considered adults.

But modern Western society artificially extends childhood and the restrictions that go with it. These young men are considered children.

…Experts say teens just need more access to mental health counseling and prescription drugs.

Experts and teens cite myriad reasons, including spotty mental health screening, poor access to mental health services and resistance among young men and people of color to admit they have a problem and seek care…

Then there’s the simple fact they are teens.

 “With this population, it’s the perfect storm for life to be extra difficult,” says Lauren Anderson, executive director of the Josh Anderson Foundation in Vienna, Va., named after her 17-year-old brother who killed himself in 2009. “Based on the development of the brain, they are more inclined to risky behavior, to decide in that moment.”

But if that is true–that the problem is the messed up teenage brain–what changed?

Teens have not killed themselves at such a high rate since Romeo and Juliet was written 400 years ago. Yet the age-old tale of Romeo and Juliet reveals the same reasons why teens kill themselves today. Restrictions on their freedom and autonomy drive them to desperation.

Did teens once have access to psychiatrists and medication that were suddenly ripped away from them? Nope.

It is concerning that the “experts” try to pin rising teen suicides on a defective teenage brain, and refusal to seek counseling. You could call this victim blame.

It reveals that the “experts” are part of the problem. They view teens as unruly children who must be controlled, with drugs if necessary, until their brains fully develop–at 21, or 25, or 30 years old or something. The age keeps getting older.

Drugs and counseling treat the symptoms once they arise. But a true cure will prevent the illness in the first place.

The Root Cause of Teen Suicide

Robert Epstein chronicles the artificial extension of childhood over the past 150 years in painstaking detail in his book, Teen 2.0: Saving Our Children and Families From the Torment of Adolescence.

He pegs most social problems among teens on the increasing restrictions they constantly face. While teens may be inexperienced compared to older adults, they are not children, neither physiologically nor mentally. But when you treat young adults like children, it leads to anger, depression, and in extreme cases suicide…

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