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Marine Le Pen: I know the EU is waging a Cold War against Russia – Here’s Why – RussiaFeed

Posted by M. C. on March 26, 2018

I suspect Marine Le Pen was France’s last best chance for survival.

Any chance the UK and Europe have surviving a confrontation with Russia, military or otherwise, consists of US military lives and US tax dollars. Remember that when you hear European leaders talking big.

“I believe that the current events may have far more significant implications,” Le Pen said.

“It’s a strategy of building a wall separating Russia and the European Union. I know from my own experience of work in the European Parliament that the European Union is conducting a real Cold War against Russia,” Le Pen said.

Le Pen isn’t the only French citizen tired of this Cold War against Russia. The French Ambassador spoke explaining to the US that France does not wish to be a part of the US-Russia exterritorial sanctions regime. The US sanctions Russia, and expects France to obey the US sanctions, in betrayal of their own interest.

France rebels against ‘unacceptable’ anti-Russian sanctions

Clearly, there are still some awake people among the French. Le Pen alluded to the Skripal case when she spoke on “current events”, and indeed, the mess surrounding Skripal is a perfect microcosm of how the West treats Russia.

An ex-spy is poisoned, and immediately, without presenting any concrete evidence, Russia is blamed and condemned. It’s also very convenient for the British government, that a new, revitalized round, of rabid Russophobia, can come in, to sweep away attention from Brexit, and drown the hopes of Brexit voters in a sea of Russia-bashing. Never forget to take advantage of a tragedy – they say. Even better for them if that tragedy or scandal deflects attention from their own problems…

It is the M.O. of the west, Hypocrisy which binds these things together. It is the West’s hypocrisy which constantly lectures about “Free and Fair Elections”, and criticizes the Russian elections, yet shows no respect for the will of the British people in their Brexit vote. The West loves elections when they confirm the result they want, if they don’t like the result, it was all a sham, there must be a new election. This Hypocrisy is why Russia no longer has any trust…moreover – no more respect…for the west – and because the West doesn’t respect Russia.

RT Chief Margarita Simonyan “Why we don’t respect the West anymore”

The West which preaches “Innocent until proven guilty”…unless it’s Russia they accuse, because Russia is always blamed for everything. It was to this effect the amazing Margarita Simonyan explained why Russia no longer respects the west…

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