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Temple University Faculty Members Are Trying to Erase the ‘Gender Binary System’ | Breitbart

Posted by M. C. on April 3, 2018

I can think of some adjectives for these college profs, besides progressive and liberal.

Molding the minds of the future.

Some faculty members at Temple University in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, are looking to “unlearn” the “gender binary system.”

The gender binary refers to the traditional classification of human gender into two distinct categories, masculine and feminine. Some professors at Temple University are looking to erase this “outdated” classification altogether.

Heath Fogg Davis, a professor of political science at Temple, argues in his new book that he wants to live in a world in which everyone uses a “gender-neutral pronoun.”

“My argument in the book is not that we try to live beyond gender, but [to minimize] the formal use of gender and gender policies because of the ways it infringes on people’s individual autonomy,” Davis said. “In an ideal world, I wish that we all used a gender-neutral pronoun.”…

Temple University, of course, is only one of many universities across the United States that wants to reshape the way that Americans understand gender. In December, Breitbart News reported on a Bard College document that encouraged students to use “Ze, Zim, Zir” pronouns.

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