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School Arms Teachers with Tiny Baseball Bats to Defend Against Mass Shooters

Posted by M. C. on April 13, 2018

This is Pennsylvania progressive education in action.

Miniature baseball bats that have to be made inaccessible to keep students from clobbering themselves and teachers.  And buckets of rocks.

There is no hope for tomorrow’s leaders.

Ridiculous, pathetic, an embarrassment. The entire Millcreek school board aside from Lou Aliota should be run out of town.


To protect their students from mass-shooters, a Pennsylvania school district spent $1,800 to arm all 500 of its teachers with a tiny, 16-inch baseball bat…

The bats were only passed out after an in-service training day on how to deal with a mass-shooting event.

A supporter of the idea, Millcreek Education Association president Jon Cacchione, told CBS, “This is a tool to have in the event we have nothing else. Part of the formula now is to fight back, and so I think the bats that were provided for the staff were symbolic of that.”

The bats will be locked up.

The school district is also surveying parents to see how they feel about arming qualified staffers with guns. Hall says, “It was about 70 percent to 30 percent that people would favor that, but we’re not really actively planning that right now.”

Last month it was another school district in Pennsylvania that equipped every classroom with a five gallon bucket of rocks to be used in self-defense in the event of a mass shooting. The idea being that the shooter will face a classroom full of kids chucking rocks at him

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