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Concern After Police ‘Admit Concealing Migrant Shopping Centre Rape’ From Public

Posted by M. C. on May 9, 2018

Mustn’t offend other cultures, even women hating rape cultures.  What about…you know… the… ah… victims?


Danish people are expressing concern after police admitted they chose not to inform the public about a rape and attempted rape of two 14-year-old girls, allegedly carried out by Afghan migrants at a shopping centre in Esbjerg.

News of the attacks, which prompted a “storm” of telephone calls to authorities from worried parents, would not have come to people’s attention had the media not followed up a tip-off about the incident, notes JydskeVestkysten.

“What might have happened had we not contacted [police] about the case?” the Danish newspaper queried at the weekend, asking whether officers believe that “citizens have no right to know what occurred in a busy public place?”

“There could be others who have been attacked in the same location or by the same men,” noted the publication in a series of questions it put to police, suggesting victims might not come forward if the authorities keep them in the dark….

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