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THESE Are Mueller’s Questions? – Taki’s Magazine

Posted by M. C. on May 11, 2018

The first strange thing about the questions is that a lot of them are concerned with stuff that happened after the special prosecutor was appointed, which would mean Mueller was hired in May of 2017 to investigate the future!

by Joe Bob Briggs

So, yeah, it’s kind of obvious why Robert Mueller’s “secret questions that he wants to ask Trump” got leaked to the New York Times.

I could have written these questions.

Because . . . I read the New York Times.

Anybody with access to Google Search could have written these questions.

Mueller got half of them from reporting in the Times and the Washington Post.

There’s no background to these questions that’s not already known to, like, everybody in the world.

Shouldn’t the special prosecutor, after a full year of investigations, have inside information that nobody else knows about?

Shouldn’t there be one or two questions in the bunch that make you go, “Wow, I didn’t know about that Raskolnikov character that sent a hooker to Trump Tower in 2016, that’s some awesome intelligence”?

Did they hire a third-grader to go through all of Donald Trump’s tweets and find stuff that might be awkward, like the one about how Comey “better hope there are no tapes” of their conversations?…

Very few of the questions have anything to do with Russia.

Wasn’t that the point of the whole thing? Russian collusion? I mean, I guess you could argue that all the Michael Flynn questions are Russian collusion questions, and all the Sally Yates questions, but the Comey stuff seems way off course, and to ask questions about Trump interviews, like the one he gave Maria Bartiromo on Fox Business, is sort of like saying, “When you made that speech on TV, what were you really thinking?”…
Yes, we know there’s something. There’s always something. But if there’s no Russian collusion, this investigation should be over. That’s what Mueller was appointed to find out. If he’s decided to become an acolyte of Kenneth Starr, we should really be saying, “Bob, that didn’t work the first time.”

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