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How the Myths Were Created and Sustained for 50 Years – LewRockwell

Posted by M. C. on May 14, 2018

I can actually remember reading Time, Newsweek and watching 60 minutes and thinking I was getting truth. Then once I got out of government school…


In Part 1 of this two-part series, (, April 28, 2018), we examined how Time magazine, in two major articles in its January 26, 1976 edition, sought to reinforce a series of lies which were posited by the early author William Bradford Huie in his series of three articles in Look magazine (in November, 1968 and April, 1969) and again in his 1970 book, “He Slew the Dreamer.” The Time articles also portrayed the alleged assassin’s shot as an “easy hit” from a very comfortable sniper’s lair, through a deceitful artist’s drawing that changed the direction of the shot, such that the illustration showed it to be opposite of that which would have been required. But that was merely one of many such incidents in a very long series of similar actions taken to completely reframe the purported crime scene and the people and events related to it in order to support a contrived account specially designed to incriminate the designated “patsy.”  In fact, the first one (which Huie’s articles and book would repeat) was published in the immediate aftermath of Martin Luther King’s assassination.

The Time articles, including the artist’s deceptive, “mirror-image” rendering of the purported sniper aiming a rifle in the opposite direction of Dr. King’s actual position on the balcony of the Lorraine Motel, were noted within my book, Who REALLY Killed Martin Luther King Jr.?: The Case Against Lyndon B. Johnson and J. Edgar Hoover, however that diagram was not republished there, as it was in the first part of this series.

Neither was the deceptive front cover of the Life magazine edition that was published less than one month after the murder of Dr. King, on May 3, 1968 (“The Revealing Story of a Mean Kid”). That was just after the purported assassin was finally identified, and when the world-wide hunt for him had just begun.  So, in both cases, these two articles present new, graphical evidence of essential points that augment the narrative of the book….

And of course we can’t leave out J Edgar

The FBI’s craftiness in spreading lies and deceits through magazine articles and books by pre-selected popular authors has now been documented as never before; the officially-sanctioned myths have finally been categorically debunked, for the first time ever. That deconstruction begins with the newspaper sources he cited—old newspaper articles that did not state what he said they stated—as the basis of his charges, have been put under a virtual microscope, conclusively proving that his accusations of Ray’s criminality were actually his own fabrications. For forty-nine years, no one had thought to do that, undoubtedly because the task of finding those old newspapers was too dauting, especially during the first three decades. Anyone who wishes to do that for themselves—thanks to the Internet—can now do so quite easily, following the links provided within the book.  Mr. Huie undoubtedly went to his grave thinking that, as the years wore on, his secrets and lies would become safer with time, never dreaming the exact opposite would allow the world to witness the exposure of his world-class deceits.

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