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Delingpole: ‘Climate Change Deniers Are Like Supporters of FGM,’ Claims Trudeau

Posted by M. C. on May 17, 2018

Non sequitur (one of my favorite terms-first heard it on Star Trek)

a statement (such as a response) that does not follow logically from or is not clearly related to anything previously said

Whether or not you question AlGoreans the train of logic that equates “deniers” to genital mutilation is something only a politician could appreciate.

James Delingpole

Prime Minister Trudeau of Canada – aka President Bieber – has put “climate change deniers” in the same category as “supporters of female genital mutilation.”

He made the comparison in a speech to 10,000 New York University graduates at Yankee Stadium.

According to the Canadian Press, he got especially loud cheers whenever he talked about Canada’s refugee program, human rights or, as here, the legitimacy of climate change.

Here is what he had to say on the last of these:

He mentioned advocates of female genital mutilation in the same breath as deniers of climate change — people who hold viewpoints that will never be valid, no matter how long they have been expressing those views or how loudly they do so….

Only last year, Trudeau attempted to remove from Canada’s citizenship guide a section condemning FGM. But then was forced to retreat under pressure from conservatives.

He has flip-flopped on this subject for years:

Back in 2011, Trudeau condemned the Tory government for calling these practices barbaric, saying it was “pejorative,” overly “judgmental,” and that the government should make an “attempt at responsible neutrality.”

Trudeau later apologized, but still refused to use the term “barbaric.”

On any given day, we don’t know which Justin Trudeau will show up to work. Is it the Trudeau that thinks FGM is barbaric or the Trudeau that thinks it’s wrong to call FGM barbaric?

Such a pity that climate change skepticism isn’t a core tenet of Islam. If it were, one imagines, no one would be more fervent in his defense of honest science, skeptical inquiry and data integrity than the impeccably Multi-Culti President Bieber…

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