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The Korea Story: Why Is the Media Getting It So Wrong? – Original

Posted by M. C. on May 17, 2018

They are just saying what all the little Bolton’s in Washington tell them to say.


As news of the statement by the North Korean vice minister for foreign affairs Kim Kye Gwan spread, the usual suspects could hardly contain their glee: Trump’s vaunted Korean peace initiative had been a fraud all along! The summit was off! The North Koreans had been faking it, and Mr. Art of the Deal had been taken for a ride! Hurrah! Hurray! From Nicholas Kristof to Bill Kristol, the celebration was loud and the Twitterverse resounded with unrestrained gloating: finally the President’s enemies had earned the right to say “We told you so!”

Or so they thought. There’s just one problem, however: the celebrants are wrong…

Furthermore, if one actually reads the statement of the North Koreans, rather than taking what the Western media says about it as gospel truth, one thing is clear: Pyongyang isn’t making any unilateral concessions without getting something in return. No one ever assumed otherwise. The North singles out John Bolton – “We do not hide our repugnance toward him” — decrying his invocation of the “Libyan model,” which ended in the death of Moammar Ghadafi. There is also a rather disingenuous pushback against the idea that the North would literally sell out by giving up their nukes in exchange for economic aid, but then again who but the lowest lout doesn’t consider themselves principled

Yet a literal reading of the North Korean statement wasn’t good enough forAnna Fifield, reporter for the Bezos-blog otherwise known as the Washington Post:

“North Korea is rapidly moving the goal posts for next month’s summit between leader Kim Jong Un and President Trump, saying the United States must stop insisting it ‘unilaterally’ abandon its nuclear program and stop talking about a Libya-style solution to the standoff.”

It is Ms. Fifield who is moving those goalposts, which were never positioned so as to force Kim Jong-un to accept Ghadafi’s fate. No one makes unilateral concessions unless they’ve just lost a war and are negotiating the terms of surrender. This distortion of what the North Koreans are saying is just a reflection of the degeneration of journalistic practices at the Post in the age of Trump…

On the other hand, one would think that the response of the supposedly bellicose Trump administration would be another Trump tweet promising “fire and fury.” Not so. Instead, the US has decided not to include B-52 bombers in the “Max Thunder” joint military exercises with the South Korean air force scheduled to take place this week: the North has also raised a ruckus over this, despite staying quiet during other recent exercises, because the B-52s are nuclear-capable.

The scheduled appearance of the B-52s was apparently the reason for the abrupt termination of scheduled follow-up talks between North and South Korean officials to discuss infrastructure aid. A commentary that appeared in the North Korean official news agency, KCNA, singled out US “nuclear assets” being moved into the peninsula as an “ill-boding act of going against the trend for peace” and explicitly pointed to this as the reason for the cancellation of the North-South talks…

The reporting on what is the biggest foreign policy story since the fall of the Berlin Wall has been absolutely abysmal, and I urge my readers to be very skeptical of much of it. The emergence of instant Korea “experts” should also be considered with suspicion, since most appear to be skeptics serving one special interest or another. Here in this space you will get the viewpoint of a very special interest, and that is the American interest in a peaceful resolution of the Korean Question.

What shall be the future of the Korean people: what, as the North Korean statement put it, is to be their destiny? And where will this be decided? In Washington – or in Korea, by the Korean people themselves?

Perhaps it will be decided in Singapore. The surprise winner of the 2016 presidential race may have a few more surprises up his sleeve in days to come.

Be seeing you

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