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Is Al Gore A Fossil-Fuel Industry Mole?

Posted by M. C. on May 18, 2018

Did you hear the joke about the father of four telling everybody that overpopulation is killing the planet? Well, it’s not a joke, it’s Al Gore.

We haven’t heard the population control argument lately. I guess it makes the AlGoreans look too much like the Chinese government.

See Club of Rome

James Taylor

…Scene One: Here is Al Gore delivering the unwelcome news that we all need to tighten our belts and live more frugal lives, all while he is living in his enormous Tennessee mansion, sucking up more electricity in a single month than most of his Nashville neighbors use in an entire year.

Scene Two: Here is Al Gore flying a private jet from Nashville to Washington, D.C., as he prepares to badger Congress with a fire-and-brimstone sermon about fossil fuels ushering in a planetary catastrophe. Here is Al Gore flying a private jet again to a public speaking appearance in San Francisco. If greenhouse gas emissions are such a problem, why didn’t Al save emissions by flying commercial first class? We know it’s not for security concerns – the entire massage industry can testify that Al is the security issue to be feared rather than protected.

Scene Three: Here is Al Gore landing at Reagan National Airport. The Metro light rail system can take Al in a nearly emissions-free trip straight from the airport to the U.S. Capitol Building. But Al makes nary a move in the direction of the Metro stop. Shame on you, Al, you must be heading for a taxi cab. But wait, he’s walking away from the taxi stand, also. Will Al lead by perfect example and walk or bike to the Capitol Building? Ugh, there he goes, getting into a limousine, making the wasteful emissions of a private taxi cab seem absolutely eco-friendly in comparison to his limo.

Scene Four: Al is pestering us again about how we have to tighten our belts or else the global sea level will rise dramatically and turn our coastal cities into Waterworld. Manhattan will soon be underwater and unrecognizable, Al promises. At the same time, the energy-guzzling Tennessee mansion is apparently not good enough for Al. There is Al buying yet another energy-guzzling multi-million dollar mansion, this time overlooking the Pacific Ocean along the Santa Barbara coast. What happened to all that sea level rise, Al?

Scene Five: Now we have the richly childed Al Gore telling us that the way to reduce global warming pollution is to reduce family size. “One of the things we could do … to put out less of this pollution [is to] to stabilize the population,” said Al last week in a New York speech. “You have to have ubiquitous availability of fertility management so women can choose how many children to have, the spacing of children.”

Stop it, Al. You’re killing me…

Be seeing you


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