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Watch “World Shocked By UK Government Banning Reporting On Tommy Robinson Imprisonment” on YouTube

Posted by M. C. on May 29, 2018

We heard “Free Bobby Sands” when the UK was crucifying Ireland. Now it is the English the UK is crucifying.


In case you haven’t noticed the UK has turned into Bizarro World. In other words a progressive, anti-fa, snowflake, SJW paradise.

Open borders and out of control PC have destroyed this country. Gun control, knife control, speech control, no right to self defense.

Between having a Muslim London mayor and being riddled with an unknown number of illegals from who knows where, it is no wonder the government is afraid of offending the UK Muslim community.

There would be revolution. Oops, there has already been one but no one has noticed.

The UK government has swept the child grooming scandal under the rug for years. It has taken the power of God to get a measly few of these animals to trial. Still the government wants a secret trial.

The place US progressives look to for government people control health care.

Muslims did not invent slavery but certainly refined sex slavery to a high art.

U.K. right-wing activist and journalist Tommy Robinson was arrested and reportedly jailed Friday after he filmed members of an alleged child grooming gang entering a court for trial — but the details of his purported sentence remain murky after the judge ordered the press not to report on the case.

Robinson, the former head of the English Defense League and a longtime activist against Islam and Islamic migration, was arrested after he was filming men accused of being part of a gang that groomed children. Britain has been rocked by a series of child sex scandals perpetuated by gangs of predominantly Muslim men…

Police in Telford, Shropshire have been accused of failing to follow up a ‘Rotherham-style’ abuse scandal in the town.

In Rotherham around 1,400 girls, many of them under-age, were sexually abused over a 16 year period at the hands of men from the town’s Pakistani community.

Professor Alexis Jay, who led the inquiry into the Rotherham scandal, said girls as young as 11 were raped, tortured and even sold to other men…

The Rotherham child sexual exploitation scandal has been described as the “biggest child protection scandal in UK history”.[15] From the late 1980s until the 2010s, organised child sexual abuse continued almost unchallenged by legal authorities[16] in the northern English town of Rotherham, South Yorkshire. It was first documented in the early 1990s, when care-home managers investigated reports that children in their care were being picked up by taxi drivers.[17] From at least 2001, multiple reports passed names of alleged perpetrators, several from one family, to the police and Rotherham Council. The first group conviction took place in 2010, when five British-Pakistani men were convicted of sexual offences against girls aged 12–16, but the ringleaders remained at large.[18] Other major convictions regarding child sexual exploitation included one in 2007 of a lone male offender who “abused over 80 boys and young men”.[19] From January 2011 Andrew Norfolk of The Times pressed the issue, reporting in 2012 that the abuse in the town was widespread, and that the police and council had known about it for over ten years.[a]


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