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Merkel Backs Macron’s European Army Initiative | Zero Hedge

Posted by M. C. on June 7, 2018

Europe protecting itself, what a novel idea. That is the way it should be.  NATO is a US entity, also paid for by US.

Europe couldn’t/wouldn’t pay their fair share of NATO expenses. How do they expect to pay for their own army? I say this is a bluff to squeeze more out of US taxpayers.

by Tyler Durden

German Chancellor Angela Merkel removed one of the biggest barriers to the creation of a European Army on Tuesday when she told a German newspaper that she supported the idea “in principle,” according to RT.

“I am in favor of President Macron’s proposal for an intervention initiative,” the German chancellor told Frankfurter Allgemeine newspaper on Sunday.

In his speech, Macron described a European military that could protect the continent by deploying to hotspots around the globe, just like NATO does. But why can’t Europe just rely on NATO? Because, as Merkel has pointed out, NATO is de facto controlled by the US, and the US “can no longer be relied on to protect us.”…

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