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Conservatism, Inc. Indulges Its Own

Posted by M. C. on June 28, 2018

Nice piece on the demise of the GOP and the rise of the republicrats.

Just don’t confuse today’s conservative with someone that believes in liberty, free trade, minding one’s international business and the Constitution.

By Paul Gottfried

Watching a recent discussion on Fox News between Chris Stirewalt and Guy Benson concerning George Will’s exhortation to Republican voters to support Democratic candidates in the upcoming congressional election, I thought of the Calvinist doctrine of unconditional election.  According to this teaching, those whom divine Providence elevates to sainthood can never lose their ascribed status.  Once divinely elected, the sinner remains in a state of grace no matter how far he strays.  The conservative movement offers a somewhat less dramatic, secular version of this dogma.  It goes like this: someone whom the movement has raised to celebrity can never lose his “conservative” cachet no matter how far he deviates from the established party line.  The only obvious exception to this rule concerns those who move inappropriately toward the right or else fail to move toward the left when the rest of the authorized movement does…

But the treatment of Will defies belief in terms of how far Conservatism, Inc. will indulge one of its own.  Despite his obvious realignment with the left and his regular appearances on left-wing channels and despite the fact that Fox didn’t renew Will’s contract last year, he remains an object of admiring attention on his former network.  His exhortation to Republicans to put the Democrats in power, despite their lunge toward the kook left, hardly aroused the Fox gatekeepers, except for a mildly deprecatory tweet by Laura Ingraham.  Rather, Will’s destructive advice occasioned a respectful discussion by leading Fox contributors.  It was like watching lambs honoring the wolf that has come to eat them…

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