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Spurs’ Lonnie Walker Says He ‘Will Never Celebrate 4th of July’

Posted by M. C. on July 5, 2018

The latest sports/entertainment/media role model.

He worked hard and has made it to the top in the entertainment biz.  That is what the ‘American dream’ is all about, right? He won, someone else lost. That is the way of the world. What is his problem?

‘Everyone is a winner’ is carnival midway fantasy.

Why do Breitbart and I care what some entertainment guy thinks? I don’t know either.

by Dillan Gwinn

Lonnie Walker IV

Lonnie Walker IV, the recently selected 1st round pick of the San Antonio Spurs, took to Twitter on Independence Day, to say that he “will never celebrate 4th of July.”

The tweet read, “Will never celebrate 4th of July. Know your history!! and stay woke.”

Reaction to Walker’s tweet came in quickly. FS1’s Jason Whitlock blamed social media for Walker’s ignorance:

Jason Whitlock


An American millionaire at 19. He’s one of our best/brightest and this is what social media has done to his worldview. We r filling our young people w/too much animosity and resentment. I don’t blame Lonnie. I’ve been 19 and rebellious. Glad I wasn’t influenced by social media. 

Conservative Review host Steve Deace challenged the rookie to have the courage of his convictions:…

Be seeing you



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