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US Troops in Niger Should Not Be Fighting, Says President – News From

Posted by M. C. on July 6, 2018

No kidding!

Hey, you have to break some eggs building an empire.

Would you want your son or daughter blown apart decimating the already pitiful Yemen doing the House of Saud’s dirty work? How about their losing limbs in Syria or Iraq doing Israel’s dirty work?

How is being in any of these countries defending America and not defending someone’s bottom line?

In an interview with the Guardian, Nigerien President Mahamidou Issoufou said that he does not want US or other foreign troops fighting on the ground in Niger, and that such troops should limit their actions to training and intelligence-gathering…

The US has a substantial number of troops in Niger, a fact revealed after troops were ambushed last year and four were killed. The US also built a large drone base in Niger, despite substantial opposition within Niger to the US presence

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