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Your phone isn’t listening to you, but it may be watching everything you do – The Verge

Posted by M. C. on July 7, 2018


…But, the researchers did notice something else funky, according to Gizmodo. Several apps had taken video recordings and screenshots of what people were doing. These screenshots were then sent off to third-party domains.

One of these apps, GoPuff — a service similar to PostMates, but primarily used for late-night “munchies” deliveries — had recorded a video of the app’s screen and sent it to third-party mobile analytics company Appsee. For delivery apps, sensitive information like credit card numbers and addresses are the main sets of data users enter. In a similar vein, GoPuff had recorded and shipped off a recording of the screen that asks for a customer’s zip code. GoPuff’s privacy policy didn’t notify users that their screens could potentially be recorded. After researchers contacted GoPuff regarding what they had found, they updated their privacy policy to say that user’s “personally identifiable information” may be collected…

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