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Merkel’s Fading Star | Chronicles Magazine

Posted by M. C. on July 9, 2018

By:Srdja Trifkovic

For many years German Chancellor Angela Merkel has been regarded, with reason, as the most powerful woman in the world. Over the past few months Merkel’s authority has diminished precipitously, however, mainly due to her irrational immigration policy. That much became obvious at last weekend’s emergency EU summit on immigration.

“This is not about whether Frau Merkel stays as Chancellor next week or not,” Xavier Bettel, Luxembourg’s Prime Minister, announced as he came out of the meeting in Brussels. Unwittingly (or perhaps mendaciously), he let the cat out of the bag. Indeed, the summit’s true objective was to appease Merkel’s domestic detractors—but the task proved to be beyond her. The former powerbroker of Europe has been reduced to the mendicant pleading for the appearance of unanimity on a key issue which has divided the EU and changed the political landscape of Europe beyond recognition.

The Brussels “deal” merely asks member-countries to voluntarily accept migrants in the name of “solidarity,” and to settle them in “processing centers” (don’t call them “camps,” please!). It does not say where those centers would be located, how they would be organized, or where unsuccessful asylum seekers would go in the end. It also proposes the creation of “disembarkation platforms” in non-EU countries, to deter Africans and others from crossing the Straits of Sicily. It is some light years away from Merkel’s earlier calls for a “joint European solution” which would have entailed mandatory resettlement quotas, and thus facilitated the creation of Sharia-based no-go areas in Central European countries unaffected by the demographic jihad thus far.

The plan is a meaningless fudge. For starters, Libya, Algeria, Tunisia, Morocco and Egypt have already announced that they will not cooperate in setting up migrant processing centers on their territory; in reality they may relent, but only if their leaders are encouraged with billions of mainly German taxpayers’ euros. The Visegrad Four (Hungary, Poland, Bohemia and Slovakia) are adamant that they will not accept a single migrant, either voluntarily or under mandatory EU quita system previously proposed by Merkel. Italy’s sovereignist new government is skeptical: its leaders note that there is no binding agreement, and that “voluntary” EU arrangements invariably fail. Whatever its operating terms, “the deal highlights Merkel’s journey from championing Wir schaffen das to running a government with an ever-tougher approach to migration.” Her forced conversion is only tactical, though. She remains, somewhat inexplicably, a population-replacement fanatic at heart; but she has run out of good options to maintain the old consensus…

As I noted in these pages nine months ago, Merkel’s 2015 migrant experiment was a massive and unprecedented exercise in social engineering, worthy of similar national-socialist and communist horrors. It is not by chance that the survivors of red totalitarianism in the former German Democratic Republic and their descendants are voting for the AfD en masse. It is also not surprising that the former Soviet bloc countries of the Visegrad group remain solidly united in defense of national sovereignty and cohesion. They know ideologically driven idiots when they see them, and they are able and willing to stand up to them. Merkel’s greatest contribution to the history of Europe may be that with her suicidal bullying she has forced millions of otherwise complacent hedonists to wake up. Angela delenda est.

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