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Posted by M. C. on July 13, 2018

The main $afety concern is budget$.

By James C. Walker

The New York Times recently featured a story on China’s camera surveillance system that includes facial recognition. Chilling state of dystopia!

A report came out last week stating that traffic cameras are more prevalent in Black neighborhoods in the District of Columbia.

Wait and See…

Red-light cameras may be one solution to help balance the 2019 budget in Apopka, Florida…

New Orleans Mayor Cantrell now hints at a compromise on traffic cameras…her office says that school zone speed cameras are OK but with limits…

Lawsuit against Greenville, North Carolina’s red-light camera program divides into two cases. The defendant’s lawyer did this to get rid of a technicality…but can they now win the case?  This is a wait and see…

Still clinging to its speed cameras, Toledo sues the state of Ohio after it recently lost in another court case concerning its automated traffic enforcement program…

Bad News…

The Ocoee, Florida Police Department is now posting photos of red-light runners on their Facebook Page…

Unbelievable—the new Georgia distracted driving law apparently opens up school zones for traffic enforcement cameras!…

First it was surveillance traffic cams downtown, now a drone. Wichita, Kansas police buy a drone and now must navigate public privacy concerns.  You bet, they need to!

Three downtown businesses in Durham, North Carolina have put up surveillance cameras in downtown to count pedestrians on the streets. Downtown Durham Inc. wants to find out how many folks are walking in the area to give statistical information to current and future retailers…

Be seeing you

be seeing you



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