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Saboteurs of Peace: On the Road to Helsinki – Original

Posted by M. C. on July 16, 2018

Pelosi and Hillary are already screaming Blackmail, Traitor!

No nuclear war and peace breaking out means nothing to these people. Indeed it is to be avoided at all costs by the deep state and Pelosi and Hillary their useful idiots. Crushing Trump is paramount.

Yet this isn’t about Trump, his personality, or his other policies. It’s about whether a bunch of unelected bureaucrats are going to be granted a veto power over who sits in that chair in the Oval Office.


If there was ever any doubt that the Russia-gate hoax is a scheme by the War Party to salvage their bankrupt foreign policy, and depose a democratically-elected President, then Robert Mueller’s indictment of twelve alleged GRU agents for “interfering” in the 2016 election settles the matter once and for all. Are we supposed to believe it was just a coincidence that the indictment was made public just as Trump was about to meet Russian President Vladimir Putin in Helsinki?

An indictment of twelve individuals who will never contest the charges, and which will not have to be proven beyond a reasonable doubt in a court of law – to whom is it addressed? Not to any jury, but to the court of public opinion. It is, in short, pure propaganda, meant to sabotage Trump’s Helsinki peace initiative before it has even convened.

Yet the brazenness of this borderline treason is what makes it so ineffective. The American people aren’t stupid: to the extent that they’re paying attention…What Mueller is counting on is that the defendants will never show up in court. If they did, following the example of representatives of the indicted Internet Research Agency – accused of running Facebook ads on Russia’s behalf – Mueller would have to provide real evidence of the defendant’s guilt. In that case, the indictment would have to be dropped, because the alleged evidence is classified…

The whole shoddy affair is meant to distract attention away from the President’s ambitious foreign policy initiatives, the twin diplomatic outreach campaigns to two of our old cold war enemies. These efforts demonstrate the overarching significance of the President’s “America First” foreign policy: Trump means to abandon the old cold war structures. In their place he means to build a new so-called international order, one that is not overseen by any one “superpower” but that is self-regulating, like the market order that has brought unparalleled prosperity to this country and to the world…

The disgusting – and depressing – response of the Democrats to the Helsinki summit has been a concerted campaign to … cancel it. Yes, that’s how myopic and in thrall to the Deep State these flunkies are: world peace, who cares? Never mind that we’re still on hair-trigger alert, with our nukes aimed at their cities and their nukes targeting ours. The slightest anomaly could spark a nuclear exchange – the end of the world, the extinction of human life, and probably of most life, for quite some time to come.

And yet — what does the survival of the human race matter next to the question of how and why Hillary Clinton was denied her rightful place in history? I mean, really!…

This latest effort to discredit the President’s peace project and sabotage a summit with a foreign leader underscores the battle lines in this country. On one side is the Deep State, with its self-interested globalist leadership so invested in our interventionist foreign policy that even Trump’s limited (albeit surprisingly radical) critique poses a deadly threat to their power. On the other side is Trump, the outsider, who often has to work against and around his own government in order to pursue his preferred policies.

Yet this isn’t about Trump, his personality, or his other policies. It’s about whether a bunch of unelected bureaucrats are going to be granted a veto power over who sits in that chair in the Oval Office. It’s as simple as that.

I know what side I’m on. Do you?

Be seeing you




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