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Posted by M. C. on July 17, 2018

Time to shut down all the regime-change operations, including those of the U.S. deep state.

Grand juries are BS. The prosecutor can say anything he wants. Defense statements are not allowed. The cops job is to make arrests. The prosecutors job is to get convictions.

Just ask the Duke Lacrosse team.


I sure wish the mainstream media and all those critics of Donald Trump had had better civics teachers in high school. If they had, they would understand that special counsel Robert Mueller’s indictment against those Russian officials for supposedly illegally meddling in America’s presidential election doesn’t mean squat. Instead, the media and the Trump critics have accepted the indictment as proof, even conclusive proof, that the Russians really did do what Mueller is charging them with doing.

Of course, it’s not really Mueller’s indictment. It’s a federal grand jury that has returned the indictment. But, in reality, it’s Mueller’s indictment. He drafts it up and the grand jury dutifully signs whatever he presents to them. As the old legal adage goes, prosecutors can get a grand jury to indict a ham sandwich.

A prosecutor can say whatever he wants in an indictment. It’s not sworn to. Neither the prosecutor nor the grand jury can be prosecuted for perjury or false allegations in an indictment.

In this particular case, the matter is even more problematic because Mueller knows that those Russian officials who he has indicted will never be brought to trial. That’s because there is no reasonable possibility that the Russian government would ever turn them over to the U.S. government. That means that Mueller knows that whatever he says in that indictment is never going to be tested in a court of law. He can say whatever he wants in that indictment knowing full well that he will never be required to prove it…

If only the mainstream media and the Trump critics would just attend one single criminal case, they would learn that criminal indictments don’t mean squat and are not evidence of anything. Here is what judges always tell juries, in one way or another, in criminal cases:

An indictment is not evidence; it is simply the formal notice to the defendants of the charges against each of them. The mere fact of an indictment raises no suspicion of guilty. The government has the burden to prove the charges against the defendants beyond a reasonable doubt, and that burden stays with the government from start to finish. The defendants have no burden or obligation to prove anything at all. They are presumed innocent. The defendants started this trial with a clean slate, with no evidence at all against them, and the law presumes that they are each innocent. This presumption of innocence stays with each defendant unless and until the government presents evidence here in court that overcomes the presumption, and convinces you beyond a reasonable doubt that the defendants are guilty…

Pardon me, but I thought the special counsel was appointed to determine whether President Trump somehow illegally “colluded” with the Russians to defeat Hillary Clinton for president. What’s Mueller doing wasting time and money indicting Russian officials who he knows will never stand trial? Isn’t it time for Mueller to put up or shut up with respect to President Trump and let the Justice Department handle other criminal prosecutions?

Maybe it’s just a coincidence that Mueller announced his indictment on the eve of Trump’s meeting with Russian president Vladimir Putin. Or maybe not…

In fact, people were talking about a “peace dividend,” which would have entailed deep cuts in expenditures for the military-industrial complex, which was President Eisenhower’s term for the deep state. That threw all elements of the deep state into a full-blown panic.

That’s when they went into the Middle East and began poking hornet’s nests, knowing full well that their violent and destructive interventionism would produce terrorist blowback…

It’s really just a repeat of the fears that the U.S. deep state inculcated into the American people throughout the Cold War, as a way to get Americans to support the conversion of the federal government from a limited-government republic to a national-security or deep states. The only thing missing is the communist part: Instead of the Reds coming to get us, it’s now just Putin and the Russkies.

What nonsense. Mueller should do the country a favor and shut down his ridiculous and ridiculously expensive investigation. No matter how much one might dislike Donald Trump, the fact is that he won the election, fair and square, and Hillary Clinton lost it. Accept it. Deal with it. Wait until the 2020 election to try to oust Trump from office. Time to shut down all the regime-change operations, including those of the U.S. deep state.

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