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Posted by M. C. on July 23, 2018

Recall the Boston Marathon house to house bomber search.

Citizens forced from their homes at gunpoint.

By eric

It is no accident that police have become more brutal – in appearance as well as action – since they became law enforcement.

The term itself is a brutal syllogism. The law exists and must be enforced because it isthe law. I am just doing my job, only following (lawful) orders…

Law enforcement countenances anything, provided the law says so. It is what has made it possible for law enforcers to seize people’s property without charge or due process of any sort – because the law (civil asset forfeiture) gives them the power to do it. Some do it perfunctorily – the banality of evil Hannah Arendt wrote about. Others do it zealously – this includes the rabid little man who is the chief law enforcement officer of the state, Attorney General Jeff Sessions.

It is what enables “good Americans” (the same as “good Germans”) to stand in the middle of the road, halting every car at gunpoint (implied, even if not actually drawn; see what happens if you do not stop) and demanding “papers” be presented.

Without feeling ashamed of themselves…

How about house-by-house confiscation? Do you doubt it? If yes, you should perhaps reconsider. They will, after all, simply be enforcing the law and just doing their job. The same moral indifference which enables them to do the things to people they currently do to people will make it just as easy – as indifferent – to do more to them.

So long as it is the law.

How about the enforcement of the loathsome “shared responsibility” payment – i.e., the federal tax penalty imposed on people for failing to abide by terms of Obamacare, who did not send the insurance mafia thousands of dollars for “coverage” they may not desire or need or be able to afford?

It is, after all, the law.

At the moment, the enforcement of this particular law is held in abeyance because the federal law enforcers lack the power to enforce it; they can only send threatening letters – and add interest charges to the principal “owed,” which remains exactly that, as far as the federal law enforcers are concerned.

They are biding their time…

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