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The Aftermath of a Saudi Coalition Wedding Massacre in Yemen – Blog

Posted by M. C. on July 27, 2018

We are here to win your hearts and minds or else we will burn your village.

Vietnam deja vu.  What the American foreign policy of war does best-fail.

Daniel Larison

The 22 fatalities included 12 of the dancers, four musicians and six villagers, including one who played the lute. Most of the children killed were in the dance troupe.

The dancers all belonged to the Muhamasheen, Yemen’s most marginalized ethnic group. Performing at weddings was among the few jobs they could find.

For 10 of them, only pieces of their bodies were found, so they are buried in two mass graves. “It’s all my family,” said Ahmed Rifaei, 37, a dancer who survived.

The living, too, are in bad shape…

Providing the coalition with weapons and refueling gives their forces the means to carry out more of these massacres. The U.S. continues to provide weapons and refueling despite the coalition’s many documented war crimes, and our officials then have the gall to claim that US support for the war is reducing the number of civilian casualties. There are simply too many examples of deliberate attacks on civilians like this one that prove that claim wrong. As long as US support for the war on Yemen continues, there will be more of these senseless killings of innocent civilians, and the US will be complicit in causing their deaths.

The Yemenis on the receiving end of these attacks know very well that the US is responsible for enabling the war being waged against them:…

The official position that the US is not a party to a war that our government helps make possible is an absurd lie, and the people that have survived U.S.-backed coalition attacks can see right through it. The US should have never been involved in this war, and it is imperative that Congress halt our involvement in this despicable war at once.

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America's sport

Government’s favorite sport-War

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