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Trump’s Fake Fix for a Bad Economic Policy

Posted by M. C. on July 27, 2018

After issuing tariffs to protect American business then having to spend billions to prop up affected American businesses tells us:

Tariffs do not work. The consumer is the loser. Banksters, privileged corporations and Washington lackeys are the winners, for a while.

Government/Democratic Socialist/Marxist central planning cannot work. A marketplace of billions of consumers is too complicated.

Only consumers can effectively tell business what it should be doing.

Pay attention to Walter Block.

By Walter E. Block

…What is driving the president’s apparent eagerness to impose tariffs is a simple and wrongheaded idea that plays to a large part of his base: A trade war will spur job growth in America. He is trying to use tariffs to give a leg up to American industries against countries that manufacture the same products that we do — whether steel, aluminum or cars — but more efficiently. And who could be against that if it creates more jobs?

In reality, however, creating jobs alone does not make for a strong economy. What we really want is to increase production. And to achieve that, we need to allocate labor as efficiently as possible. One way to do that is to ensure that if other countries can make certain goods more efficiently than we can, we trade with them for these items, rather than manufacture them ourselves. The result is cheaper goods, which is to our advantage.

But tariffs do nothing to improve this efficient allocation of labor. They also do not increase or decrease employment. They just shift jobs around, and almost always in a manner that hurts the economy….

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