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US Preparing For War Against Iran – LewRockwell

Posted by M. C. on July 28, 2018

Margolis makes decimating Iranian infrastructure sound quite easy. It may be, but infrastructure may be all the US can do as we have depleted ourselves fighting 6 or 8 wars in the ME and Africa.

Israel and SA will be sure the US does it’s unfair share of the heavy lifting.

Iran’s landscape is forbidding like Afghanistan, only there is a lot more. There is a reason Afghanistan is called the graveyard of empires.

The US has been in the ME for 17 years with no success and no end in sight. We have not won a real war since 1945 and Russia took most of that heat.

Now we are going to take on Iran. The ally of China and Russia.

This is what the 1953 CIA overthrow election interference of the Iranian government has wrought.

The only winner is the military/industrial/bankster complex. War is nothing more than a racket.

Crushing Iran will leave Israel with unfettered control of the Mideast and its oil – unless Russia or Turkey intervene against Israel, which is most unlikely. Some think Russia and Israel – and the US – have already made a deal to divvy up the central Mideast...

Direct western intervention in a major ground campaign seems unlikely. But the US and Israeli war plan would aim to totally destroy Iran’s infrastructure, communications and transport (including oil) crippling this important nation of 80 million and taking it back to the pre-revolutionary era. That was the plan for Iraq, the Arab world’s most industrialized nation. Today Iraq still lies in ruins.

One recalls the words of the great Roman historian, Tacitus: ‘they make a desert and call it peace.’

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