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Tommy Robinson: I Was Kept in Solitary Confinement 23.5 Hours a Day, Excrement Pushed Through Windows

Posted by M. C. on August 2, 2018

All because Londonstan did not want the groomer trial publicized. The groomers that the UK cops didn’t investigate for 10 years.

by Jack Montgomery

Tommy Robinson has described a Spartan existence in prison in an interview following his release, claiming he was kept locked in solitary confinement for 23 and a half hours at a time and had to subsist on one can of tuna a day.

The activist was bounced into prison to serve two consecutive prison sentences for contempt of court within five hours of an arrest for an alleged breach of the peace in May.

The decision was defended at the time by a number of left-liberal talking heads and legal commentators, including the pseudonymous ‘Secret Barrister’, but quashed on August 1st in the Court of Appeal by the Lord Chief Justice, who ruled that the sentencing judge had moved with unseemly haste and deviated from proper due process in a way that was “much more than a technical failure”…

“They moved me from HMP Hull, which was a 7 percent Muslim population, to the most densely Muslim-populated prison in the country,” he claimed.

“I had threats every day… I couldn’t have my cell windows open because they would be spat through or shit put through, so I had my windows shut all the time,” he said, describing how he struggled with the recent heatwave as a result…

Asked if he knew why he had been moved from Hull, he said the authorities “gave no reason, but I know why they did it — because what they then did is they used the excuse of my safety [to] put me straight in solitary confinement.”

Robinson described this confinement as “23 and a half hours a day, locked in a room [with] a blue mat… and then for thirty minutes a day they open the door and you walk into a cage… small, and you walk around the cage on your own, and then they open the door and lock you back in.”

The Englishman appeared visibly disturbed while recounting his incarceration.

“If every prisoner had that… If that was the sentence for prisoners…” he began, falteringly.

“It was the fact that every other prisoner’s cell door opens at 8 o’clock in the morning and they’re out of their cell working, having football, playing pool, and then they get locked up at 6 o’clock at night,” he finally explained.

“And then I think, I haven’t done anything — but because they’ve brought me to a Muslim-run prison, they’ve used the excuse that this is why they have to [keep me confined].”…

Levant said that Robinson, who looked far leaner than when he went inside two months ago, had told he had dropped fully 42 pounds — around three stones, or twenty kilograms…

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Sad that the British government, once the noble paragon seat of limited government, and for a 1000 years the beacon of individual liberty, sad to see the crown jewel of Western Civilization now treats its own citizens not much better than ISIS would…


Be seeing you


Groomers-Don’t say anything to make them feel bad!



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