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Vicious Cycle: How Government “Solutions” Spiral into Bigger Problems | The Daily Bell

Posted by M. C. on August 7, 2018

Immigration wouldn’t be such an issue if it weren’t for governments’ collectivist policies. We are artificially grouped together by governments when we live within particular borders. So then suddenly we have a common interest with people who might share none of the same goals and values.

The story of the Middle East after WWI. The result has not been good. The fact is people with the same culture want to remain with whom they chose.

By Joe Jarvis

Government creates a problem. Government becomes more authoritarian to solve that problem. This creates more problems. Government becomes even more authoritarian…

This is basically the story of the war on drugs, the oppression of teens, the wars in the middle eastevery bubble, burst, and bailout, ad infinitum.

Where the government intervenes, you can be sure that bigger problems will spring forth.

Like the Hydra of Greek Mythology, two more serpent heads sprout each time one is severed.

European countries have been quite liberal in accepting immigrants from the middle-east. In itself, this is not a problem. But the countries also liberally dole out public benefits, costing taxpayers ballooning sums to support the new population…

Denmark has proposed new rules that could land immigrant parents in prison if they take their children on extended vacations to their homeland which interfere with schooling. The legislation leaves “extended” open to interpretation.

Other rules require children from any of 25 identified “ghettos” to attend 30 hours of daycare per week until age six. Parents will lose welfare benefits if their kids miss too much school.

Another rule would make penalties for the same crime in certain areas. So if you shoplift in a predominantly Danish area of a city, you might get a fine, while a shoplifter from a predominantly Muslim area could get jail time.

All of this is an attempt to integrate new immigrants. It is a backlash from vastly different cultures clashing.

But why would the government of Denmark think forced integration would produce the desired results? It seems more likely to produce a counter-backlash from immigrants who resent having different rules than the Danes…

Ohio Wants to Force Teachers to Out Trans Kids

I’ve made my opinion clear: allowing kids to get sex changes or take body altering hormones is child abuse.

Advocates intentionally confuse the difference between gender and sex. They say gender is a social construct, and then they attempt to alter biological sex. That is not possible at this stage. You cannot change the chromosomes in your DNA which determine sex.

However, lawmakers in Ohio reacted to this movement with absurdly authoritarian legislation.

They want to threaten teachers with prison if they don’t immediate out trans kids to their parents.

The law says that if a public educator finds out that a student identifies as transgender, they must tell the parents in writing at the earliest possible opportunity.

If a teacher fails to disclose this sensitive piece of information, they can be charged with a felony.

This is completely over the top…

The Solution

These problems stem from shared resources like public land, public schools, and government welfare.

First, the government says it will solve a problem with government funds. But that means everyone gets a say. Well everyone isn’t going to agree!

Better to allow individuals to allocate their own resources. That way individuals choose what issues they will have a say in.

Send your kid to a school that matches your ideas about gender and sex.

Live in neighborhoods that match your idea of community.

Patronize businesses you agree withDeal with customers you like.

Make the rules for your own private property, and take your protection into your own hands. Decide what kind of charity you will support.

Of course, the government makes it difficult to do all this. But that doesn’t mean it is impossible. You have more power today than individuals ever have.

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