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Trump official John Bolton declares International Criminal Court ‘dangerous’ and ‘dead to’ America

Posted by M. C. on September 10, 2018

Mr Bolton repeatedly hit out at the global body of which 123 countries are part, asking: “Would you consign the fate of American citizens to a committee of other nations [and] entities that aren’t even states like the Palestinian authority?”

I don’t care much for warmonger Bolton but on this issue he is right on.

Do we really want some ICC court representatives from say…Tajikistan or Myanmar coming to the US and arresting US citizens? That philosophy is the whole point of the ICC.

The ICC, like the Paris Accords, is meant to be a ball and chain on developed nations particularly US. Half the UN, particularly under a Trump administration, would like nothing more than to come here and haul people it doesn’t like off to UN jail.

The only ones safe would be like minded people control advocates such as the Clintons.

The UN is no friend to the US Constitution. Which allows us to digress back to the Clintons.

National Security Advisor to Donald TrumpJohn Bolton, has said the International Criminal Court (ICC) is “dead to us” in his latest speech.

He labelled the court as “illegitimate” and “for all intents and purposes, the ICC is already dead to us”.

Mr Bolton, who has long held an unfavourable view of the court,  was speaking at a meeting of the Federalist Society, a conservative group based in Washington DC, said the ICC was “ineffective, unaccountable, and indeed outright dangerous”…

The former US Ambassador to the United Nations under Mr Bush, went on to say the “central aim of [the ICC’s] most vigorous supporters was to constrain the US”.

Mr Bolton said the court’s statute had “glaring, significant flaws” and “constituted an assault on the Constitutional rights of the American people and the sovereignty of the US”…

The overarching message of the National Security Advisor was that any perceived atrocity against humanity is to be deemed so by the people within those states, not by the international body.

“We don’t recognise any authority higher than the US Constitution,” Mr Bolton said.

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'Ooh look, the Palestinians want to bring a case against Israel!'

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