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Civil Forfeiture Video: A Huge Money Tree for Cops

Posted by M. C. on September 16, 2018

Civil forfeiture in the United States, also called civil asset forfeiture or civil judicial forfeiture[1] or occasionally civil seizure, is a legal process in which law enforcement officers take assets from persons suspected of involvement with crime or illegal activity without necessarily charging the owners with wrongdoing. While civil procedure, as opposed to criminal procedure, generally involves a dispute between two private citizens, civil forfeiture involves a dispute between law enforcement and property such as a pile of cash or a house or a boat, such that the thing is suspected of being involved in a crime. To get back the seized property, owners must prove it was not involved in criminal activity.

Guilty until proven innocent. Proving innocence is extremely difficult and cops know that.

Don’t hear much about this widespread abuse in the media.

Gary North

This video explains it. Your property (unlike you) is guilty until proven innocent — at your expense.

Cops love this. Lawyers love this. It’s spreading.

Cars are confiscated and sold. Currency is confiscated and kept.

It’s all legal. And it’s spreading.

Then there is the DEA: “. . . in all states, police agencies can contact the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA), making the case federal, and under federal law, local police departments can keep up to 80 percent of forfeiture proceeds, with the rest going to the Department of Justice.”

Now, that’s a tempting offer!

But what if they don’t charge you with buying drugs? No problem. Your car did it.

For more horror stories, click the link.

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