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Girl Guides Expels Leaders Who Opposed Trans Shower-Sharing Policies

Posted by M. C. on September 25, 2018

Your first thought is…unbelievable. Then you realize oh yah, this is the UK.

Unbridled immigration, child groomers allowed to run rampant for a decade, self defense is essentially illegal.

Compelling five year old boys and girls to shower together (a five year old knows he wants to be a girl? “Oh, we let Johnny/Juanita decide for himher…itself”) is the latest chapter in the UK/Londonstan pathway to destruction.

There is more than 5 year old self determination happening. This is progressive adult determination. Is this a case of say, Johnny is caught checking a Barbie for anatomical correctness and some twit decides to slap a dress on Johnny?

Here is a question: Where do 5 year old non-binaries shower? With therians?

by Virginia Hale

Two girl guide leaders say they have been expelled from the organisation after opposing new “equality & diversity” rules which compel units to let transgender-identifying males share showers and other facilities with girls as young as five.

After 12 leaders signed an open letter warning that the new policy raised safeguarding concerns, Girlguiding UK removed two of its signatories, closing down their units, and has launched disciplinary investigations into “at least five Guide leaders”, according to the Sunday Times.

Published in the newspaper in April and signed by 224 guide leaders, parents, and former girl guides, the letter asserts that new ‘trans inclusion’ rules “[reinforce] gender stereotypes” and “[deny] informed parental consent” as well as putting girls’ safety and privacy at risk.

Signatories slammed the ban on telling parents their daughters would be sharing bedrooms and bathing facilities with individuals who are “physically male”, which is imposed by the policy, under which units must accept boys who identify as girls on camping trips and other activities.

Helen Watts, the leader of a Rainbows unit for girls aged 5 to 7 in London, learned on Friday that her membership of the organisation had been revoked after more than 15 years…

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