Opinion from a Libertarian ViewPoint A Call At Harvard For a Socialist Future

Posted by M. C. on October 4, 2018

It can be expensive turning your child into the next Marx.

Henry N. Brooks ’19 writes in the Harvard Crimson:

I’ve been seeing signs outside Canaday, Sever, and the Science Center advertising a “socialist future,” and I have to say I’m not entirely opposed — provided we’re talking about the same socialism.

OOh my, they obviously don’t teach at Harvard that central planning is a problem in any sector or at any level, federal, state or local.

What this means is that Brooks does not get the fundamental problem with central planning is that it suffocates an economy at whichever level it is practiced.

Hayek’s observation of central planning as a fatal conceit does not stop at the federal level nor does it stop if it is based on “direct democracy.”

I wonder if he wants the internet centrally planned at the local level.


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