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NATO Welcomes Another Military Midget | The American Conservative

Posted by M. C. on October 5, 2018

The opportunities presented by this are wondrous.

Of course Montenegro’s military has to brought up to snuff. Montenegro can pretend to spend it’s money on the military by accepting US taxpayer supplied ‘foreign aid’ then spend it on McDonnell Douglas, Boeing and friends.

Then there are the obligatory donations for US military bases and airspace. Thereby allowing your military sons and daughters to have the chance to serve their country by dying for Montenegro.

Even the media wins. It can ignore Russia’s complaint’s about the US promise that NATO would not expand ‘one inch closer to Russia‘ in exchange for German re-unification and dissolution of the Soviet Union.

Imagine US response if the pesky Ruskies put a base in Cuba.

By Doug Bandow

During the Cold War, NATO actually meant something. The Soviet Union was a totalitarian predator, the Western Europeans were exhausted, and Washington did not want to face a Soviet-dominated Eurasia.

Today the transatlantic alliance has descended into farce. Earlier this year, NATO invited the small Balkans country of Macedonia to join its ranks. In what now passes for the historic “Great Game” in Europe, officials anxiously awaited the results of Macedonia’s referendum on a national name change. Approval would allow the Western alliance to augment its collective forces by an astounding 8,000 men and 31 tanks.

For a quarter century, the countries of Greece and Macedonia, a small piece of what had been Yugoslavia, were deadlocked over the latter’s use of what Greeks considered to be their birthrate name. Officials in Athens insinuated that their small neighbor harbored aggressive designs and hoped to revive the historic Macedonian empire of Alexander the Great. With its vast legions, the newly independent nation might go on a militarist rampage and occupy Salonika, perhaps even Athens.

It’s the sort of nationalist nonsense that should cause any normal human being to laugh himself silly.

Instead the dispute quickly took on crisis proportions…

Does President Donald Trump have any idea what administration officials are doing in his name? After all, NATO’s newest member is Montenegro. And while the invitation was issued by the Obama administration, the Senate did not approve Montenegro’s membership until President Trump had taken over.

After last July’s NATO summit, Fox News commentator Tucker Carlson asked why his son should be sent to defend Montenegro. President Trump responded: “They are very aggressive people. They may get aggressive, and congratulations, you’re in World War III.” If the president believed that, why did he allow Podgorica to join? He apparently does not comprehend his administration’s role in admitting Montenegro.

Small, mountainous Montenegro is most notable for being the movie set for James Bond’s Casino Royale. With a military of just a couple thousand, it looks like a modern version of the Duchy of Grand Fenwick, the fictional protagonist in the novel The Mouse that Roared. Unfortunately, despite the extravagant claims made by NATO officials on Podgorica’s behalf, the micro-state won’t be able to do much to protect Western civilization from the barbarian hordes.

Although Montenegro isn’t likely to start a war by invading Russia, as the president seemed to suggest, smaller states can trigger wars. In 1888, Germany’s famed Iron Chancellor, Otto von Bismarck, accurately prophesied, “One day the great European War will come out of some damned foolish thing in the Balkans.” Serbia became the fuse for World War I…

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