Opinion from a Libertarian ViewPoint Why a House in the Middle of the Northern California Wildfire Was Not Damaged

Posted by M. C. on December 4, 2018

Government advising US the very thing government should be doing in their government owned forests…but aren’t.

…Jeff and Cathy Moore have devoted hours of labor to clearing brush away from their house in the Sierra Nevada foothills in preparation for a massive wildfire, which suddenly became reality on Nov. 8. Smoke from the approaching Camp Fire blackened the mid-morning sky so completely that they had to light candles indoors….

Many fire-prevention measures can be cheaply addressed by homeowners: Clear pine needles and other flammable debris from roofs, rain gutters, decks and yards. Avoid stacking firewood directly against a house. Border the home with bare-soil flower gardens, rather than bark mulch. Replace wooden fences with materials that don’t burn. Install mesh screens over vents to prevent smoldering material from getting inside. Surround homes with fire-resistant hardwood trees, like aspen, oaks and maples, which can form a heat shield and wind damper during a conflagration…


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One Response to “ Why a House in the Middle of the Northern California Wildfire Was Not Damaged”

  1. Kenneth T. said

    Thanks for the comic relief…

    Pardon my anger but I’ll get more satisfaction from sticking that plug up that tie (noose) wearing political pundits a-hole

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