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When American Warmongers Unite – Original

Posted by M. C. on December 4, 2018


A gross political diversion has found its way onto American mainstream and social media recently, one that stinks of historical manipulation and neoconservative bias. It showed its face during the reaction to the death of John McCain and continued with Joe Biden presenting a farcical award to George W. Bush. It’s the continued white washing of the Bush administration’s horrifying military actions against the people of the Middle East, the reality that the media is more than a willing accomplice in trying to paint over that history, and that other high profile individuals such as Barack and Michelle Obama are lending their reputations to the fight by participating in the rewriting of US history beginning with George W. Bush.

The administration of George W. Bush should sit in specific infamy, as he and his underlings inaugurated the absurd and tragic “war on terror,” taking the “known” rules of war and transforming them into paltry shields used to explain away the ongoing death, destruction, and refugee crisis created by the 2003 invasion of Iraq, an invasion wholly unsupported by facts, despite the Bush administration’s claims that Saddam Hussein was holding large stockpiles of chemical and biological weapons. And in a odd but understandable case of “monkey see, monkey do,” he gave oppressive governments the world over a convenient excuse to whitewash their war crimes: simply say that the government is fighting “terrorists.”

Rebranding is a time honored tradition among both businesses and governments. It allows large organizations to rename something the media or other critics have found distasteful or particularly loathsome. Blackwater, the mercenary company founded by Eric Prince and famous for massacring civilians in Iraq, has gone through several name changes to hide its sins: first Xe, then Academi. Phillip Morris, the American company made famous for making cigarettes more addictive and subsequently hiding the findings, changed to Altria in the hopes people would forget how many people died from their products. And, in the United States, our government and its associated organizations now attempt to rebrand our very leaders in a more wholesome light.

Recently, the warmonger rebranding process took a new but unsurprising turn in the Bush saga. The National Constitution Center, a “non-partisan” history center and museum in Philadelphia, announced they would award theirLiberty Medal, the center’s highest honor, to President George W. and Mrs. Laura Bush, for their “work with veterans.” At first glance, this appeared to be an outright indignation. How can the man who oversaw the deaths of four thousand Americans, the wounding of thousands more Americans, not to speak of the millions of Arabs and Muslims who lost their lives and their sovereignty, possibly be seen as some kind of honorable leader, much less one who “worked” with veterans, when he did more to create wounded veterans than any president since Nixon?…

It’s not enough to remember our victims of the “war on terror.” We must remember not just how Americans were pushed towards bigoted and hateful impressions of our enemies, but also the historical precedents for such hatred and fear mongering. In World War II, the dropping of the atomic bombs, seen by many Americans as necessary to save American soldiers’ lives, had no strategic significance, as Russia’s entrance into the war against Japan would have brought the war to a close anyway. Still, American history books continue to celebrate a veritable “reverence” for this event, incorrectly insisting that it avoided a million American casualties by avoiding an invasion of the Japanese mainland. It was the racist framing of the Japanese that gave then President Harry Truman the cover needed to drop the atomic bombs and fire bomb Tokyo.

Similar notions and tactics explain how Bush got Americans to accept the horrors he regularly inflicted in the Middle East. Rebranding murderers is an old story and one students of history see repeated time and again. The methods change, but the need to paint over it doesn’t. Nevertheless, veterans and Americans in general should never forgive the bigotry and war mongering of George W Bush – a man directly responsible for the slaughter of hundreds of thousands of human beings. We, as a nation, must do better. We cannot allow Bush’s biggest apologists to claim a hero’s status for an abhorrent war criminal. It is our duty, as citizens of an ostensible republic, to demands more from our leaders…and anointed our heroes.

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