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Seven ways to survive a holiday political discussion | The Daily Bell

Posted by M. C. on December 24, 2018

Good luck

1. Do not engage. Don’t be the one to start the conversation about taxes or immigration or Trump’s Twitter feed. Treat the Christmas party like social media. Realize that the best you can hope for in a discussion that happens there is “agreeing to disagree.”

2. Change the subject. Your uncle’s arraignment, your grandmother’s weight gain, or your cousin’s vasectomy will all be less uncomfortable than talking about politics.

3. Have some talking points. If there’s no stopping the discussion, you need to be prepared. I tend to get flustered in heated conversations and forget how to defend what I believe. This is where talking points come in.

Not facts. Don’t be silly. The truth won’t get you any headway with your statist challenger. I mean simple statements that do the work of arguing for you. Here are some examples:

  • Just because something ought to be done doesn’t mean it ought to be done by government.
  • The end doesn’t justify the means.
  • What you’re describing is socialism.
  • Why don’t we let the market decide?
  • If it’s such a good idea, then why do we need to force people to do it?
  • Marley was dead, to begin with. (This may or may not be relevant)

4. Keep your emotions in check. As much as your blood is boiling over being called a “fascist,” don’t be the crazy person getting all riled up about the discussion. Keep your demeanor calm and your words calmer.

Recite the lyrics to “O Come All Ye Faithful” in your head if it helps.

Under no circumstances should you bring up Hitler, no matter how apt the comparison. Stay sane, and you’re more likely to emerge joyful and triumphant.

5. Sit at the kids’ table. Give up on converting your older relatives, and put your hopes in the youth of your family.

Engage them in discussion about the fairness of compulsory schooling. What about their having to ask the government’s permission to get a job? And did they know that suicide rates for teen girls are at an all-time high?

There’s some cheer for you! You should do birthday parties.

6. Bring a gift to smooth things over. Give them something they want, like The Communist Manifesto, Bernie Sanders’ biography, or a safe space. Or give them something they need, like Economics for Dummies or a gun.

7. Exercise your right of voluntary association and don’t attend at all. That event sounds like a real drag anyway. After all, there is no place like home for the holidays...

Be seeing you


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