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Attention High School Seniors – LewRockwell

Posted by M. C. on February 6, 2019


You are now in the midst of applying for admission to university. Here is a letter from an unhappy college student which may be of relevance for the choices you are now making:

My name is XYZ. In my current university, numerous professors label me as a cultist and an ideologue, as I am a student of the Austrian school; put simply, I am also an anarchist. My question is, why do mainstream economic/political science professors label students of the Austrian school as cultists? Is it because we neglect positivism as we study economics through the lens of praxeology? Moreover, I can understand how one would think Randians are cultists, but us Austrians never verbally shout “no you’re wrong, get out of here!” — as Rand would do.

Thanks for your time. Cordially, ZYZ

Here is my response to XYZ:

What school do you now attend? Is there any chance of you transferring to Loyola? See below.

Now to answer your question.

Why do they that act that way? I think your assessment is accurate. Your plight may also be due to the fact that we Austrians eschew mathematics as a theoretical tool, and view econometrics/statistics not as means to test theories, but merely to illustrate them; as attempts to determine historical facts. Your professors also dismiss libertarianism since the views of most of them list sharply to the left on college campuses

I receive numerous letters of this sort. It occurs to me that it is a lot easier to choose a good university in the first place, rather than get settled in one, become unhappy with your choice, such as is the case with XYZ, and then transfer elsewhere.

So, which universities should you attend if you like Austrian economics, the economics of Mises, Hayek, Rothbard, and, are also a libertarian? There are several with two or more professors who will not only tolerate such views, but will actively support them. Of course, any professor worth his salt will also give alternative perspectives (Marxist, mainstream, liberal, conservative), but will also espouse the Austro-libertarian viewpoint. I would list the following: my own, Loyola, as well as Grove City and Hillsdale. Then, there are those that offer advanced degrees: Troy, George Mason, and Texas Tech. If you are thinking of going on for a phd in economics, then I recommend one of the first set, not the second, since in that way you will have two sets of professors.

And of course, of the first group of three, I favor Loyola University New Orleans. Here are some of the reasons for that choice:…

Be seeing you

Safe Space

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