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Top Commander: China ‘Eroding’ U.S. Military Advantage in Asia

Posted by M. C. on February 13, 2019

I hope the Chinese don’t hear about those Middle East friends Saudis that kicked our butt using cell phones and VCRs.

How dare those Chinese rebel at the US Navy scouring the China Sea!

The problem here is government believes it’s own propaganda and writes checks it can’t pay.

Adm. Philip Davidson’s warnings came as part of the U.S. Indo-Pacific Command’s (INDOPACOM) annual posture statement — a comprehensive report on the combatant command’s role, missions, accomplishments, plans, and programs — presented to the Senate Armed Services Committee on Tuesday in the form of written testimony.

Davidson, the commander of INDOPACOM, provided a summary of the combatant command’s 2019 posture statement during his opening remarks, telling lawmakers:

We need urgent change at significant scale to address the challenges, strategic competition with China. Our military advantage and deterrent edge in the Indo-Pacific is eroding. The Chinese Communist Party leadership in Beijing senses weaknesses. They are testing our resolve, and if we do not act urgently, they may soon conclude that they can achieve their goals through force. We can’t take these for granted….

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