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Cuomo, De Blasio Announce 10-Point Proposal for MTA Overhaul

Posted by M. C. on February 26, 2019

create funding streams for the agency

You might as well call all in the state of New York NYC residents. They are paying for it.

Mayor Bill de Blasio and Gov. Cuomo announced Tuesday a proposal to transform the MTA and create funding streams for the agency, which includes the joint endorsement of congestion pricing — marking the first time de Blasio has supported the idea.

The 10-point proposed plan, according to the city and state leaders, will also completely reorganize the agency.

The proposal also calls for the implementation of congestion pricing, which will be supplemented by an internet sales tax and,if marijuana legalization takes place, a percentage of a resulting cannabis excise tax would also help fund the agency.

Overall, the 10-point proposed plan calls for:

…The MTA fares for public transportation must be controlled in future years through cost containment actions and improved management. The proposal stipulates that the agency should operate with a fare increase limited to “inflationary” 2 percent per year.

MCVP: In other words the “city” (NY & NYC tax payers) will pick up the slack

The state will work with the MTA, city and district attorneys to develop an enforcement strategy to avoid fare evasion.

MCVP: This must be a big problem. Why not add the CIA?

The governor and mayor will work closely with the Legislature to effectuate provisions in this framework.

MCVP: The state taxpayers will pick up a big share of the burden and fares will be kept unrealistically low.

Welcome to Alexandria Ocaasional-Cortez land.

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