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Film uses wartime footage of Marines that isn’t necessarily flattering

Posted by M. C. on March 15, 2019

The military screws a lot of people up. In this case maybe it is the 25 years of cancer laden water at Paris Island.

The military doesn’t care about anyone. Certainly not their own.


Marines pass a joint to one another in the dark void of southern Afghanistan, and in crackling night-vision green, the question arises: Did they think they would ever be stoned within range of enemy fire?

The grunts take a moment to contemplate the infinite chasm between what the military wants you to believe happens in war and what unfolds in just another night in combat.

“You think the Marine Corps is a bunch of perfect people who don’t do anything bad, don’t curse, and they’re just really squared-away killers,” one man says to another. “The Marine Corps is filled with the most f—– up individuals I’ve ever met.”

He takes a drag. “Just like me, you know?”…

In one scene, a Marine huffs hash smoke out of a Pringles-can bong in a flash of ingenuity. In another, a grunt brandishes a pistol at four children riding donkeys so he can search them, roaring that he’s looking for the Taliban. Then he smiles. “I’m just kidding, here, chocolate,” the Marine jokes….

In the closing scene, a Marine scouting for sharpshooters is shot in the head, and in a maddening dash that feels like eternity, Marines rush their limp comrade to wait for a medevac helicopter struggling to land. The wounded man’s bloodied bandage unfurls from his head. The bullet was still inside his skull, one man speculates.

Viewers wouldn’t know the 21-year-old, Lance Cpl. Christopher P.J. Levy, would die of his wounds three days later unless they punched his last name into a web search.

Five years later, in 2016, U.S. troops arrived in Helmand after they previously withdrew to help Afghan forces retake much of the same ground – soaked with blood of men and women like Levy.

Why were Levy and his fellow Marines in Helmand? Did they accomplish the mission? What was the mission anyway? The Pentagon doesn’t have any good answers, but it does have an endless stream of carefully edited videos available to watch.

“Combat Obscura” does not have answers to those questions.

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One Response to “Film uses wartime footage of Marines that isn’t necessarily flattering”

  1. Kenneth T. said

    I spent some time there back in ’87, and didn’t learn about this water problem until many years later.

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