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Media Matters Wants Tucker Carlson Fired – LewRockwell

Posted by M. C. on March 15, 2019


Media Matters’ mantra:
Democrat drones may break foreign bones, but conservative words forever hurt me.

Failed Clinton operative David Brock and his hate group Media Fecal Matters want Tucker Carlson fired because he’s the only cable news anchor against bombing foreigners. They recently put out a desperate hit piece on Carlson recycling decade plus-old clips of him on Florida shock jock Bubba the Love Sponge’s radio show. The clips contain a smattering of out-of-context satirical points and hot takes on culture topics—standard, vanilla comedy radio banter. However, no crude remark made by Carlson compares to the vulgar, relentless barbarity David Brock’s Media Matters has promoted in media for decades. While Carlson may have made flippant and poor taste comments, Media Matters wants a world where millions of people of color overseas have no news anchor on nightly news making the case against our interventions and sanctions of their homelands.

Media Matters and their army of email bots are flooding sponsors demanding they desist advertising on Carlson’s program to prove their virtue for the concern for underage sex abuse victims. This is preposterous. While Brock’s Media Matters was busy shilling positive media coverage of Obama’s illegal wars in Libya, Yemen, and Syria, Tucker Carlson was making a spirited defense against our meddling in these countries’ affairs. Unlike Media Matters, which remains curiously silent when Trump continues his opponents’ sanctions and regime change, Carlson continues to challenge him based on the same principles which led him to renounce his support of the Iraq War.

If more journalists had imitated Carlson’s anti-war message and rejected Media Matters’ war bigotry, millions of people of color in those countries could still be alive, healthy, and in their own intact homes. Now, Libya has gone from one of the most prosperous nations in North Africa to a fractious, terrorist-tortured wasteland. Clinton and Obama’s bidding on behalf of financially motivated war interests have left children homeless, vulnerable to rape, and even placed in human slavery.

Media Matters does not care about people of color—their relentless attacks against the lone anchor on cable news questioning our wars, regardless of which political party is in power, shows that for them, unnecessary violence and chaos against the vulnerable, particularly women and children, is passé. Their crony capitalist-enclosed bubble is so warped and demented, they actually think the American people share their moral priorities. They actually think anyone outside their dying DC dens of sociopaths cares more about what an anchor says on a shock jock show than whether an anchor tells the truth about war.

One of Media Matters’ heroes former Clinton Secretary of State Madeleine Albright, whom they have defended over the years, summarizes their callous bigotry towards human life, especially defenseless people of color overseas. When asked by CBS News whether President Clinton’s sanctions on Iraq for non-existent WMD’s was “worth” the deaths of over half a million children at the time, Albright did not hesitate. “The price is worth it,” she declared. Only racial supremacists like Media Matters could shill for such a flippant, cold dismissal of the value of human life.

Media Matters shilled for Hillary Clinton’s handling of the war in Libya too. While Carlson was warning about the dangers of elective regime change, Media Matters had no problem with Clinton laughing and joking, upon hearing of Gaddafi’s brutal rape and murder, “We came, we saw, he died!” Millions of Libyan children cries in the face of the resulting terrorism and slavery were silenced by partisan hacks like Media Matters. For them, human life is expendable, disposable, for the glory of political power.

Tucker Carlson, in contrast, continues to challenge the Trump administration’s actions in Syria and Yemen and elsewhere, bringing the perspectives of ancient minority communities there to the homes of millions of Americans….

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