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Andrew Yang is Ross Perot for millennials

Posted by M. C. on March 19, 2019

imperial fact-checker!!!

Like dystopian horror? Read this.

Matthew Walther

You know how sometimes you come across something that you never thought would exist only to realize you’ve been dreaming of it for years without knowing it, like the amazing country album The Supremes cut in 1965? This is how I felt when I discovered the Democratic presidential candidate Andrew Yang, a.k.a. Ross Perot for millennials. It had never occurred to me that what the Democratic presidential race needed in 2020 was a soft reboot of the Texan businessman’s maverick populist wonkery, but now that I know it exists I’m absolutely delighted…

You could spend hours perusing this website. Under the “Policy” tab there is a series of headings that direct you to Yang’s position on everything from tort reform to the regulation of artificial intelligence. It is certainly an eclectic range. Yang supports universal health care, the reform of the student loan industry, the implementation of a postal banking system, and free financial counseling for Americans. He wants to eliminate robo-calling and to increase public funding for the arts and local newspapers. He would like to protect children from smartphones and to pay college athletes. He argues — rightly — that the best way to ensure that wealthy people pay their fair share of taxes is to impose a VAT, something that would also help to restructure the economy so that it is not organized around endless wasteful consumption of cheap goods. He understands that it is possible to have a robust federal government that is not overly wasteful or staffed by bureaucratic layabouts. Beto O’Rourke’s website, in case you’re wondering, sells t-shirts.

There is more decency and common sense in some of Yang’s paragraphs than I have come across in years of listening to politicians of either party. Hate fake news? Yang has proposed the creation of a “news and information ombudsman,” a kind of imperial fact-checker who would award media liars heavy fines instead of pinocchios. Ever wonder what we are going to do with all the abandoned shopping malls littered across the country? Check out the page for his American Mall Act…

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Sean Penn

The Dumb and Dumber of economics





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