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New Zealand PM Encourages Gun Owners to Surrender Their Firearms

Posted by M. C. on March 20, 2019

If New Zealanders are truly a FREE PEOPLE, then REFUSE!
Why should a FREE PEOPLE accept “Collective Guilt”, and submit
to punishment for something they didn’t do???





So the NZ. prime Minister believes making law abiding gun owners vulnerable to the ramifications of crime by disarming them is a logical solution to the problem of criminality. Doesn’t this blithering idiot know that that Gun Free Zones are the most vulnerable areas ( schools, houses of worship, venues where guns are banned etc.) on earth to mass shootings?




She doesn’t seem to grasp that,….making the law abiding population defenseless, does not make criminals harmless !
We’ve already seen what their laws have accomplished and all she’s doing is making it less safe !!

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  • As soon as you disband your security team…you first. Problem solved, we offered to and it will never happen 🙂

    by AWR Hawkins

    The Guardian reports that Ardern emerged from a cabinet meeting Monday to say that new gun controls had been agreed upon but specifics would not be immediately made known. She did, however, praise the fact that her government had made decisions about new restrictions on gun ownership within 72 hours of the Christchurch attacks.

    Ardern went on to “applaud” New Zealanders who have surrendered weapons and she encouraged others to go ahead and hand theirs over as well:…

    Be seeing you


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