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Chicago’s Democratic socialists on brink of transforming city’s politics

Posted by M. C. on March 21, 2019

The US is in a hole and digging deeper.

It is looking more like we can’t climb out. When Sean Penn comes to visit Chicago you its cooked.

I think Ray Bradbury covered this situation somewhere in the Martian Chronicles. Freedom lovers emigrated to Mars. The native Martians ended up much like Australian aborigines and American Indians.

In the end the cycle started over.

Chi-Town mayor has been non stop Democratic since 1933. They think pure, uncut socialism (really communism) will help? Apparently.

Six Democratic socialists may join city council this year, reflecting the progressive momentum in national politics

Democratic socialist Rossana Rodriguez never thought she would run for office, let alone win.

But the Chicago educator and community activist may be poised to do just that after forcing a runoff in her 33rd ward aldermanic race against incumbent Deb Mell last month, making her one of six democratic socialists who could potentially join city council this year.

That shock number of openly declared socialists set to join Chicago politics comes at a time when socialism is increasingly visible in national US politics, led by the socialist senator Bernie Sanders running for president and socialist New York congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez becoming one the most high-profile politicians in the House of Representatives.

But the trend is happening at a local level, too, with the emergence of socialists in Chicago politics a reflection of the progressive momentum Rodriguez and other socialist candidates say could “transform” the way this city operates…

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Sean Penn

The Dumb and Dumber of economics

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