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15 years on: Looking back at NATO’s ‘humanitarian’ bombing of Yugoslavia — RT World News

Posted by M. C. on March 23, 2019

Clinton’s Kosovo war was about as legitimate as the Iraq war. The result:

Christian free zone, drug smuggling hub and human organ trading center.

Thousands have protested in downtown Belgrade against the implementation of an EU-brokered pact aimed at normalizing ties between the Serbia and its breakaway neighbor Kosovo.

Signed in Brussels in mid-April, “the landmark agreement between Belgrade and Pristina” is seen by ultra-nationalists as Serbia’s recognition of Kosovo that declared independence in 2008.

The protest was called by northern Kosovo Serb political leaders who also fiercely oppose the implementation of the 15-point pact. Serbia’s Parliament backed the deal in a 173-24 vote on April 26.

Protesters gathered at Republic Square in downtown Belgrade at 12:44 local time (10:44 GMT) as a symbolic reference to UN Security Council Resolution 1244. Signed in June 1999 it placed Kosovo under transitional UN administration (UNMIK) and authorized KFOR, a NATO-led peacekeeping force.

Many of those who attended the rally were wearing flags and chanted “Kosovo is the heart of Serbia” and “Treason!”referring to the government, which protesters are calling to reject the Brussels agreement…

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