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Watch: Netanyahu Campaign Video Boasts of Lecturing Obama in Oval Office

Posted by M. C. on March 29, 2019

No wonder Obama didn’t like Bibi.

Congress invited Bibi to capital hill to lecture Barry on who is in charge.


The Times of Israel reports: Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu published an election campaign video Thursday showing a contentious meeting he had with former US president Barack Obama and touted his defiance versus the American leader.

The video clip, which was taken from the PBS documentary “Netanyahu at War,” shows footage from the May 2011 Oval Office meeting between Obama and Netanyahu, with the narrator saying the prime minister “lectured” the US president on the Israeli-Palestinian peace process. During the Oval Office meeting, in front of the media, Netanyahu spoke directly to Obama about the complex status of Jerusalem and the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

Commentators in the PBS documentary were shown describing Netanyahu’s behavior toward Obama as “outrageous” and “humiliating” for the US president. Relations between Netanyahu and Obama were known to be strained throughout the overlap between their terms in office. Netanyahu shared the video on his personal Twitter feed.

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