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How to Turn America into a Shit-hole Country in 4 Easy Steps | The Daily Bell

Posted by M. C. on April 19, 2019

By Joe Jarvis

Opening up the floodgates of immigration to people from shit-hole countries would not actually be a problem if America was a free country.

If people were free to keep what they earn instead of having it redistributed, free to defend themselves and their loved ones wherever they went, free to become entrepreneurs without impossible protectionist regulations, America would absorb and assimilate any number of immigrants and refugees.

That’s what happened when Ireland, Italy, and Scotland were shit-hole countries where my ancestors emigrated from. The Irish were poor as dirt, fleeing a famine. The Italians brought the murderous Mafia.

And according to Thomas Sowell in his book Black Rednecks, White Liberals, the Scottish immigrants started the southern redneck culture, ready to fight and kill at the tiniest insult to defend their “honor.”

But a lot has changed since then. You can’t leave your home without breaking a law, so American policing agencies would have to spend a lot of time, energy, and tax dollars beating the ‘Merica into new immigrants.

But why blame the immigrants instead of the system?

1. Tax the citizens’ wealth away (or just steal it outright)

Elizabeth Warren has proposed a wealth tax as part of her campaign platform for President 2020.

This would tax the entire net worth of individuals worth over $50 million, every single year.

This eventually guarantees that no one worth over $50 million lives in the United States. At which point the tax will creep down to the middle class as it always does (especially if inflation makes millionaires of all of us)…

2. Destroy the Rule of Law

This could be considered the one easy step to turn America into a shit-hole county.

The rule of law is what allows people to create wealth. And I’m not just talking about random laws and government statute. True rule of law is about solving disputes, not creating criminals with victimless crimes.

Yet the rule of force, not rule of law, is what we have today.

Tom W. Bell, law professor and author of Your Next Government? says that 48% of all wealth on earth can be attributed to the rule of law.

It is the hidden commodity which greases the wheels of prosperity. Without being able to keep what you earn, and hold accountable those who steal from you, there is basically no incentive to produce. Why work so hard only to be robbed of all your efforts?

Sometimes the government robs you through civil asset forfeiture, excessive taxation, graft, and regulatory costs, including licensing…

3. Divide the Rich and Poor

Some countries throw racial divisions into the mix to add a little more spice.

But it always comes down to the haves and the have-nots. And it is the same with other divisions–like convincing women and gays that they don’t have the same rights that straight men have.

This is what preceded every genocide in history. The Kumar Rouge in Cambodia said that educated people were taking advantage of the working class, so they murdered people for as little as wearing glasses.

The Hutus and the Tutsis were never rival tribes. They are a made-up distinction coined by Belgian colonials. The Belgians called the taller people with longer necks and lighter skin Tutsis and gave them more political power. The shorter people with a stockier build were dubbed Hutus, and shaped into the working class.

The Belgians did this to maintain control by creating a hierarchy. What they caused was eventual genocides in both Rwanda and Burundi.

It is the same attitude of governments that turned Venezuela into a shit-hole country by demonizing business owners and wealth.

4. Make it Impossible to Make Money Without Government Approval

The government takes your right to conduct consentual economic activity with other adults, and sells it back to you with a license.


Often this is protectionism designed to throw roadblocks in the way of people joining the labor force. This keeps wages artificially high for people already established in the industry.

It doesn’t matter how expert you may be, you need to cough up the dough for official training if you want to play ball. One life coach from Florida was threatened with jail time if she didn’t forfeit her first amendment right to free speech, and stop giving diet advice…

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