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Norway Sends a Message: “Mass Murders R Us!”

Posted by M. C. on June 1, 2019

Gary North

The murderer of 77 people in Norway was just given a maximum sentence: 21 years in prison.

That’s 13 weeks per victim.

He becomes eligible for parole in 10 years. If he shapes up and gets out, that’s a little over six weeks per victim.

After reviewing these figures, I decided to write an ad for Norway’s Tourism Bureau.

Mass Murder at a Discount Price for Volume

Would you like to gun down a lot of people? Do it in Norway. The price is right!

No matter how many people you kill, if you do it in one huge shooting spree, it’s one low price! Think of Norway as the Sam’s Club of murder, the Costco of the morgue.

Our region is called the land of the midnight sun. With all those extra hours of sunlight in summer, you can shoot, shoot, shoot till your heart’s content.

The convicted killer hated Muslims. So, he shot liberals who let Muslims into Norway. This was indirect. But don’t worry. You can shoot the real thing, too. Muslims are all over Norway.

But don’t think this offer is limited to Muslim-haters. Norway is an equal-opportunity nation. Jew-haters are welcome, too. Do you hate Jews in general? Norwegian Jews are as eligible as any others. Shoot them where you get a real bargain.

Remember: hunting season is open all year-round. There are no quotas. Pick a group. Bag as many as you like for the same low price.

No hunting license is required.

Get here before the law is changed. Don’t look back some day and think, “I could have killed dozens of them! Maybe hundreds!”

This is an opportunity of a lifetime. (Unless you’re a target.)

If this sounds as though Norway’s legal system is in need of reform, you may be ready for my book, Victim’s Rights. Download a free copy here.

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