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Watch Tulsi Gabbard’s Brilliant Speech At The California Democratic Convention – Collective Evolution

Posted by M. C. on June 4, 2019

Elections are about giving the American people the illusion of a choice. It’s a complex system, but many years of research clearly indicates that Deep State individuals work with many aspects of our system to get the results they desire.


In Brief

  • The Facts:Tulsi Gabbard’s speech at the California Democrats Convention this year shows us exactly why the establishment media is not giving her much attention. Hint: her ideas are in the right direction.
  • Reflect On:Does our system and the infrastructures that support it truly give humanity a choice? Does it show us what is possible? What we are capable of? Or does it confine us to boxes that do more to enslave than to free?

Heard of Tulsi Gabbard? Great if you have, I’m not surprised if you haven’t.

She is a ‘non-establishment’ Democratic candidate for the 2020 presidential election in the US. In today’s terms, this pretty well means she’s an independent but using the Democratic party to give her greater chances of winning and having a platform. My words, not hers.

For those that have taken a step back and realized the issues we face in our world truly come down to the very core of our systems, the few elites that run them, and their work to suppress human spirit and consciousness, you will likely resonate with what Tulsi is saying in her recent speech at the 2019 California Democrats State Convention speech.

Let me give you an example of what I mean about seeing the challenges we truly face from a bigger picture.

The chances of you hearing anything about this speech of hers is almost nil. The reason for that comes down to something you might call “accepted election meddling” whereby the US establishment mainstream media and tech giants like Facebook, Instagram and Google, will choose not to focus or give any attention to candidates that don’t fit the bill of who is being chosen to be the next President.

We saw this in 2016 when the US media would collaborate to run negative stories all at once about Bernie Sanders. (WaPo ran 16 in one day.) There was little to no honest coverage of the damaging facts about Hillary Clinton and how eventually the DNC worked together to knock out Bernie Sanders from even having a chance at election.

All of this, when viewed from a standpoint of honest, big picture common sense, would be seen as election meddling. Unfortunately, our current culture does not see it this way, and instead, we continue to play ball in our outdated systems.

Tulsi’s Speech

One part of Gabbard’s speech at CADEM 2019 reveals a big reason why she would be receiving very little attention from mass media, regardless of the fact that she is a war veteran, has been in politics for over 17 years, is a House representative since 2013, and has no highly controversial positions that would tarnish her candidacy.

“As your president I will bring the spirit of service above self to the White House, putting people ahead of profits, putting the well-being and the interests of the American people above all else. As president I will crack down on Big Pharma and insurance companies who extort the sick, putting their profits above the health of our people. I’ll work to pass Medicare for all, and make sure that any American. who is sick and in need of care gets the care that they need. As president, I’ll reinstate the Glass-Steagall act, break up the big banks on Wall Street, the big banks that gamble with our money and our future. I’ll crack down on overreaching intelligence agencies, the big tech companies who take away our civil liberties in the name of national security and corporate greed. I will break up those big tech monopolies and stand up and protect our constitutional right to privacy.

A great deal of what she says in just that portion of her speech is directly a threat to the long-standing power structure that has had an aggressive hold over the American people for many, many decades. A planned, well-groomed and highly calculated hold that the SAME financial and powerful elite have had regardless of who is president.

Mass media and the establishment does not appreciate candidates that seek to shine light on how our world and systems truly function, and thus you likely don’t know much about her.

Pharma runs congress, better not let the public figure that out. Intelligence agencies are slowly creeping in over the American people’s last ounces of privacy, can’t let them know how far that has gone. Tech companies and media have almost complete control over what people think and the conversations they have, can’t lose that powerful mass manipulation train. We don’t even need to get into Wall Street and bankers…

You get my point. Bringing attention to the powerful elite and their games is not attractive for them, thus they attempt to keep certain people quiet.

But there is something very important to recognize here, as this is a great opportunity for people…

Breaking The Illusion

What American people HAVE to begin to realize is that their country does not work the way they think it does. The illusion must be broken. There is no: ‘Hey let’s have an election! And by golly the best person chosen by the people will win!” Elections are about giving the American people the illusion of a choice. It’s a complex system, but many years of research clearly indicates that Deep State individuals work with many aspects of our system to get the results they desire. Whether it be changing Google search results, knocking certain candidates out of Facebook’s news feeds, providing little to no mainstream media coverage of candidates that challenge the mainstream conjecture, and when all else fails, conspiring to remove candidates from the election like what we saw with Bernie in 2016.

This is why our position and analysis on how Trump won in 2016 comes down to various groups within the powerful elite who conspired to go in a ‘different’ direction than what other powerful people had planned. This became a battle within the Deep State itself. Groups moving away from a highly dystopian future, to one that is simply significantly less dystopian. Neither, however, are where humanity will thrive.

I understand what I just expressed is not going to be clear to everyone and contains many nuances. It’s even very contrary to the emotional positions we have been convinced to take on this current presidency, but if we are to get anywhere, understanding truth and nuance is key right now. Perhaps one of the better ways to explore this reality is in this segment I did on The Collective Evolution Show on CETV.

Check out Tulsi’s full speech below.

Be seeing you

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  1. brewsta buckski said

    Have tried to see her speech but seems censorship is alive and well in little ole New Zealand as I cannot access it. Is It available anywhere else?

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