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Activists Want To Abolish Your Kid’s Honors Classes, Cite ‘White Toxicity’ And ‘Supremacist’ Values Of High Achievement | The Daily Caller

Posted by M. C. on November 2, 2019

Government schools legislating self reliance, integrity and ambition.

The things that are supposed to come from a two parent, caring family structure.

Central education planning, like in the marketplace, does not work.

Look for an outbreak of new strains of snowflakes and safe rooms.

Luke Rosiak

  • Local school systems across the country are proposing radical changes in the name of reducing demographic-based achievement gaps.
  • Parents who support Democrats at the federal level have recoiled at what they view as identity politics gone too far.
  • School systems in Washington state, Maryland, New York, Minnesota and Virginia are among those where radical agendas have become a flash point in schools, with parents fearing their children’s educations will suffer.

School systems across the country are seeking to abolish honors classes, teach how math has been used to oppress people, and let truant students into gifted schools. Advocates say the moves are aimed at diminishing an achievement gap between demographic groups.

In one county, a busing initiative led to a populist uprising and rare bipartisan unity. Parents spanning races and parties say they did not ask for the changes, but politicians are pushing them through, anyway.

Washington state

In October, Seattle public schools unveiled a “framework” to inject “math ethnic studies” into all K-12 math classes, teaching “how math has been and continues to be used to oppress and marginalize people and communities of color.”

Students will be asked to “identify the inherent inequities of the standardized testing system used to oppress and marginalize people and communities of color” and “explain how math dictates economic oppression.”

“Why/how does data-driven processes prevent liberation?” it asks. “How important is it to be Right? What is Right? Says Who?”

The curriculum was pushed by the school district’s ethnic studies program manager, Tracy Castro-Gill, who on Oct. 19 tweeted a picture with her “Marxist ringleader” and said the “next step is matching “INDOCTRINATED” t-shirts!”

“I am an educator of color in Seattle whose job is anti-racist work within the school district. Seattle is very white — nearly 70%. It’s also one of the most liberal cities in the US, and these liberal, white Seattleites hate being called racist, but the thing is – a lot of them are,” she wrote.

Though she was hired by the superintendent and the school board, Castro-Gill said criticisms of the math proposal from one board member’s Asian wife were racist. She also asked people to “help me push” the board and superintendent to oppose “rewhiting.”

Castro-Gill wrote on her blog that her mother is white and her father is Hispanic, but that she has a strained relationship.

“I’m fairly radical atheist and consider myself a far left anarchist who fights for racial justice,” she wrote. “My parents are both Trump supporting Republicans.”

She is also at odds with her child’s father after their child declared herself “nonbinary” after reading literature about transgenderism.

A spokesman for Seattle’s superintendent, Denise Juneau, did not return a request for comment…


In Howard County, Maryland, the school board appears poised to proceed with a plan, drafted by an out-of-state consultant, to bus 7,300 students out of their neighborhood schools to adjust the distribution of impoverished students in each school — despite that no discernible constituency is asking for it.

The county council said its goal is to “address the achievement gaps by racial and socioeconomic factors.” The plan would move students based on how many receive free and reduced meals in those neighborhoods.

Additionally, Howard is the most-integrated school system in the state, the Baltimore Sun reported. But the county council’s resolution says any school with less than 40% white students is defined as segregated

New York City

In the nation’s largest school system, a panel appointed by the mayor proposed in August to eliminate the city’s gifted and talented schools and programs in the service of racial integration garnered front-page New York Times coverage.

The proposal would end the practice of gifted and talented schools screening students by exams and grades — and even block considering students’ attendance records at their previous schools.

It also said it was unfair that students who were not fluent in English were “underrepresented” in the most rigorous academic programs.

“If you get rid of testing, you’re open to subjective decision-making … you’ll see a lot of parents send their children to private schools, and you’re just furthering the income gap,” David Lee of the Chinese American Citizens Alliance told New York’s CBS affiliate


In Fairfax County, Virginia, the school board eliminated the position of Chief Academic Officer and replaced it with a Chief Equity Officer. It also proposed revising the boundary-drawing process to remove “instructional effectiveness” and “the impact on neighborhoods” as factors, in favor of “the socioeconomic and/or racial composition of students.” (RELATED: Behind The Network Of Outside, Left-Wing Groups Pushing Racial Policies In Cities, Counties Across America)

For 18 months, the board repeatedly discussed an imperative to gain “equity” in school demographics, but with an election Nov. 5, it suddenly sought to distance itself from the rhetoric…


In July, Eastern Carver County, Minnesota — which is 87% white — revealed it had hired Dr. Muhammad Khalifa to do an “equity audit.”

It also hired Dr. Keith Brooks as Director of Equity, who compared himself to Trayvon Martin and said “my questioning, or asking questions, or looking at things through an equity lens comes off as belligerent or angry.”

In protest against a board they perceived as being unresponsive to their constituency, some residents pledged to vote in November to deny a funding request the school system says is needed for a new school.

“Khalifa was paid $90,000, Dr. Brooks got $138,000, and you’re saying you don’t have enough money for education, then what are you spending it on this stuff for?” Lynn McHale, a member of Parents for D112 schools, told the DCNF.

“There’s a girl who came home from school and cried and said I wish I wasn’t white after she was exposed to this ‘equity’ stuff,” she said…

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