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A Denver business is fined for not picking up other people’s poop

Posted by M. C. on November 17, 2019

What’s going on outside of Mr. Bazyar’s business is likely a preview of what we’ll be seeing more of in San Francisco soon. As we discussed earlier today,
the new District Attorney there has announced his plans to
“decriminalize poverty” and end arrests and prosecutions of people doing
precisely what’s going on in the alley outside this shop. And once the
word gets around on the street that the cops won’t do anything about it,
the floodgates are open.

Being fined for aiding and abetting public pooping and drug use can’t be far behind.

The people that want to micromanage the minutia of your life lose control and blame the victim.

Government, cops, Mastercard…worthless, dangerous.

Upon seeing this story, you might be tempted to think it was about San Francisco, but it actually takes place in Denver, Colorado. Jawaid Bazyar is the owner of a communications company named His building is adjacent to an alley where groups of homeless people, prostitutes and drug addicts hang out. Recently, the problem has spiraled out of control and people have been urinating and defecating in the alley, along with leaving discarded hypodermic needles on the ground.

Despite having complained to the police repeatedly, nothing seemed to change and Bazyar grew distraught at the prospect of his employees having to clean up the potentially hazardous waste. The city of Denver responded by issuing him a citation and fining him for not keeping the property clean…

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One Response to “A Denver business is fined for not picking up other people’s poop”

  1. Kenneth T. said

    Flaming bags of poop on the steps of city hall might get some attention

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